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Updated: Dec 23, 2022

The other day I took a much-needed trip to the beach and social distanced from groups and couples. As I lay overwhelmed by the beauty of the ocean and healing of the sun, I also became aware of the unmistakable and potent smell of sunscreen that was so strong my eyes tingled.

Even if I didn’t believe all the science I know from reading the data about the toxicity of chemical sunscreens, this day it was palpable. And my thought was...if my eyes and even sense of taste is being affected 12-20 feet away from these chemical sunscreens, imagine what’s happening in the user's bodies as the sun breaks down the chemical bonds that are efficiently being absorbed into the blood stream.

Remember, screens break down whereas mineral blocks have a larger molecular structure that sits on top of skin. 🔆Switch to mineral sun protection that works immediately, is non-toxic and therefore safer for your body, skin and the environment. For the face, I recommend DNA Ultimate Sol that you can find here: and All Good which you can find on Amazon.

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