Metagenics performs their own testing on every ingredient and every batch because consistency matters—and they want every capsule, tablet, and softgel to be safe, pure, and effective. With 48,000+ quality control tests conducted annually, Metagenics promises to deliver reliable formulas that you  can depend on.

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Female Basic Hormone Panel

Male Basic Hormone Panel

Male Panel

Thyroid Panel

Vitamin D

Weight Loss Comprehensive Panel

Lab Test Categories

Bone Health

Brain Health

Digestive Health

General Health & Wellness

Glucose Management/ Blood Sugar

Heart Health

Hormone Balance

Immune Support

Inflammation Management


Liver/Health Detoxification

Stress Management

Thyroid Adrenal

Weight Management

Women's Health

Wellness Questionnaire



Do you follow a specific eating style or diet?
Do you take any supplements?


Do you have any issues staying asleep through the night?
How would you rate your sleep quality?PoorFairGoodVery goodExcellent How would you rate your sleep quality?
How woul you rate your enery levels throughout the day?PoorFairGoodVery goodExcellent How woul you rate your enery levels throughout the day?
Do you use any electronic devices while in bed? Phone, laptop, etc.



Are there any things you believe you use to distract yourself from, or to conceal your anxiety and stress?
Do you watch, listen to, or read the news on a daily basis?
How often do you feel negative emotions arise out of nowhere?

General Health

Are you a current cigarette smoker?
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