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How Clean is Your Skincare?

Did you know that your skin absorbs 60-70% of what you put on it and further... that it only takes 26 SECONDS for chemicals to be absorbed into your bloodstream! Essentially, you are not just what you eat but what you use.

So while it's great that we've learned the importance of reading food labels in order to ensure that we're consuming the most beneficial foods, we need to understand that consuming "clean" food while using toxic skin care is the equivalent of having a diet soda with a piece of cake.

This is why it's important not to be fooled by a product name or description – get to know and understand your cosmetic labels! That’s the only way to truly know what is in the products you are using, and how safe they really are. This guide will help you do just that. A lot of cosmetic products appear interesting and appealing, but that doesn’t mean all of them are as efficient and safe as you might think.

Many products contain ingredients you may prefer to avoid, ingredients that can be sensitizing and irritating, or ingredients that can even be harmful. Fancy packaging and clever wording on the labels can make you believe the product is something that it actually isn’t. For instance, a large number of companies use a product name or label to highlight ingredients that are only present in tiny quantities, and that in reality are not big enough for the ingredient to have an effect, but they sound very attractive on the label. Other companies use words like ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ to give the impression that the product is made entirely from natural or organic ingredients, when that isn’t the case.

In case you're thinking, "I've got enough to worry about and I don't have the time or energy to be concerned about the ingredients in my skincare products" OR "yeah, yeah while I'm sure there is merit to all this, I doubt that my moisturizer is going to kill me". I would argue that the time you invest in educating yourself on the front-end, is compensated on the back-end by not only increasing your chances of better results but also fiscally, as you will waste far less money investing in products that don't work!

Further, while I agree that it's highly unlikely that your moisturizer or shampoo is going to be the single cause of your demise, please bear in mind that the kind of toxic ingredients that are in your skin care products are also present in our foods, house-hold, hair care, pet and laundry products, etcetera.

In other words, because there is pervasive use of toxic ingredients in so many of the products we use and come in contact with, we are absorbing more than an inconsequential amount of toxic properties in our body systems. I am inviting you to reduce your exposure as knowledge is not only power but leads to good health. To really know what is and what isn’t in your product, you need to read the whole label, not just trust an attractive name or beautiful packaging. *Do you know if yours is BPA Free?

Click here to learn more about how to effectively read a label, identify and ingredient and its rating on the toxicity scale.

The importance of clean skin care has gone mainstream as evidenced by the HBO Documentary Not So Pretty. Check it out!

Enliven Your Skin has always advocated "clean" skin care products packaged in BPA-Free Packaging.

Take a look at our ingredients and compare with what you're currently using. Have questions? Contact us by email at: OR Text at (310) 880-2820


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