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Best Acne Facial

Updated: May 12, 2020

Out of a one room treatment space located in Marina Del Rey, skin specialist, Seti Mayet, runs one of the most technologically advanced aesthetician operations I’ve seen with equipment most facialists either aren’t willing to invest in or can’t – due to the hefty price tags and/or lack of training. Micro-needling, hydra-facials, ice therapy (to reduce inflammation and speed recovery), and radio frequency (collagen stimulating or cellulite treatment) are just some of the services she expertly offers. And with a resume that includes time spent as an instructor at the famed International Dermal Institute – better known as the makers of Dermalogica skincare – rest assured she knows what she’s doing.

My first facial at her practice, Enliven Your Skin, included an intense enzymatic peel (great for sensitive skin) that stung during application, but left me with undeniably smooth, glowing skin. Followed by a pen-like device that flushed my pores with water, while simultaneously suctioning everything back out dislodging blackheads and clogged pores. The treatment finished up with extractions that drained pimples without breaking skin (no post acne marks here!) and a session under her blue LED light to kill bacteria and prevent future breakouts.

Throughout the session, Seti, a true skin care detective when it comes to solving skin issues, inquired about my overall health, skin practices, skin history and products. She noticed the flares of my nose were red and inflamed and suggested the cause was low-grade allergies. In the past, other facialists attributed the same redness to the onset of rosacea; but Seti insisted it was allergies and related to my adult acne – both inflammatory responses. She turned out to be right.

Without going into too much detail, I decided to become vegetarian about five months ago. The plant based diet composed of protein mainly from legumes gave me increased energy, but also side effects I did not expect, like hair loss, irritated skin and acne. I decided to do a food sensitivity panel where they test your blood with over 600 kinds of food substances. Surprisingly, my test came back negative in regards to the usual culprits of inflammation (i.e. gluten, dairy, red meat). But it came back positive to one food group – legumes. I found out I have a high sensitivity bordering allergy (inflammatory response) to beans, soy and peas. Basically, the only source of protein I’ve been eating for months. So sad and ironic. I’ve since cut legumes from my diet and have noticed improved skin, decreased redness around my nose and thicker hair.

Okay, if that’s not enough to have you running to book an appointment with my new skincare demigod, Seti, then let me tell you about the second treatment I had with her today because I left her practice in “I MUST tell the world about this place!” mode.

My skin is extremely sensitive to chemicals (salicylic acid and glycolic acid irritate and breakout my skin), so Seti suggested we try micro-needling to stimulate collagen and repair tissue (more on micro needling here). The treatment felt a little irritating, but not painful and after a few passes with the needle pen it was over. She followed with the pore flushing water pen and before I knew it she was applying toner and moisturizer and we were done. The moment of shock was when I looked in the mirror. My pores were not visible. I repeat – my pores were not visible! My skin was smooth, acne ice pick scars diminished and an overall glow radiated from my visage.

Oh, how I wish I had found Seti years ago…

Deep Cleansing Facial $145, Micro-needling Facial $165

-by Amy Chang Image source: face gym

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