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  • Glo


    Two-sided handheld tool for cleansing and toning. 

    One side is a soft silicone brush that gently cleanses and massages the skin. Four speeds of vibration leaves the skin clean and refreshed. 

    The other side uses LED Light Therapy with EMS/Microcurrent: 100-400μA which activates skin cells and stimulates collagen regeneration, making skin more elastic and helping to tone the skin.

    Red light: 630nm-635nm, red LED light penetrates to the dermis, promoting growth of collagen to maintain the elasticity and water content of skin.

    Yellow light: 590nm-595nm, yellow LED light can accelerate the blood circulation, activate cells, promote cell growth, and help improve pigmentation.

    Positive ion: The positive ion mode helps remove residue and aids in deep cleansing.

    Negative ion: The negative ion mode helps with product penetration.


    Heat: Warmth helps to open the pores for better product penetration and removal of residue on the skin.

    Vibration: This mode will help release residue in the pores. It stimulates (awakens) the skin and aids in relaxing and toning.

    • Cleansing with Smooth Metal Side: Positive ion, Vibration, heat and red light.
    • Infusing with Smooth Metal Side: negative ion, vibration, heat, and yellow light. This mode is for product penetration.

    • Firming with Smooth Metal Side: EMS & red light. This mode is to firm and stimulate/massage the skin.


    Backed by the MBK 2- year warranty!



    • Intensity

      About Levels

      Intensity refers to the device’s power, with Microcurrent, that is usually measured in microamperes (uA) = a unit of electric current.  To achieve the best results, you’ll want to work within a range of 175-1000 uA.  Most devices created for home use top out at 400 uA.  Not only does microcurrent stimulate facial muscles, to lift and contour the face, but it can also increase a chemical called adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which your cells use for energy and is crucial for all cellular functions.  

      The Glo has an intensity level of 100-400ua. This breaks down as follows: Level 1 (low=100) Level 2 (low-Med= 200) Level 3 (Med= 300) Level 4 (High= 400)


      As compared to Nuface:

      NuFACE Trinity® and Mini provide 3 to 5 settings with intensity ranges of microcurrent:

      (UA) from Low: 70 UA, Medium: 200, to High: 335 UA.


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