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Lymphatic Massage (Cavitation)

  • 45 min
  • 175 US dollars
  • West Washington Boulevard

Service Description

Lymphatic drainage massage therapy uses light pressure and rhythmic movements to encourage lymph drainage, whereas regular massages focus on the muscles. Lymph is the fluid that flows through the lymphatic system, a system composed of lymph vessels and lymph nodes. Typically, the lymphatic system collects lymph and returns it to the heart via circulation. When the lymphatic system is disrupted, lymph collects in the arms and legs, leading to swelling. Lymph fluid contains white blood cells and other cells to build up the immune system and fight infection. There are hundreds of lymph nodes throughout the body, but they are mainly concentrated in the neck, armpits, chest, belly and groin area. Unlike the circulatory system, the lymph does not have a pump; it relies on muscle movement to move fluid. Conditions like surgery or injury can cause the lymph fluid to stagnate and sometimes become thicker. Lymphatic massages can help: -Decrease stress. -Improve circulation of body fluids to reduce swelling. -Expedite the removal of waste and toxins from the body’s tissues. -Stimulate the lymphatic system to increase lymph circulation.

Contact Details

  • 13101 West Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, USA

    310 566-7377

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