Enliven Your Skin is founded on the belief that your best skin and body are attainable through non-invasive, non-toxic treatments and products that transform your skin and body naturally.

We believe in a holistic approach to healing that takes into account all aspects of the individual from diet to stress management to the topical medicine you use, aka skin care products.

Our process begins by identifying root causes of imbalances and working in partnership with you to create a unique skin care treatment program for permanent change and healing.

We strive to transform your entire body to a healthy, balanced, and naturally beautiful you.


Seti is a seasoned Master Aesthetican, educator, cosmetic formulator and Holistic Nutritionist with over 20 years of health and aesthetic experience.


She obtained her aesthetic license in San Francisco under the study of Master Teacher and Educator Maria Lorenzo and holds Advanced Certification and training from The International Dermal Institute in Southern California where she later became an Instructor.


To date Seti has treated hundreds of trusted clients and earned 5 star reviews but adds that what makes her journey as a business owner and therapist exciting and rewarding is witnessing the sustained health and vitality of her clients skin months and even years after treatment. 


She says "at the end of the day, it's about knowing that I’ve contributed to the health and happiness of someone’s life which is the purpose of mine".


3yrs w/ Seti (owner) and my erstwhile Level 3/4 Acne has been reduced to null.
She is seriously the best in the business!
And her advice & treatments are arguably more effective than most Dermatologist procedures, from my experience.

Ben P./ Digital Marketing / Director

I think about it often — how more than a year after following your regimen, NO MORE BREAKOUTS. None. My skin has a clarity and composition I haven’t seen since I was 12, a full 20 years ago.

Seti, I have you to thank for being such an extensive part of my health and well-being.

Mike W./ Journalist