Enliven Your Skin uses non-invasive, non-toxic treatments and products to transform your skin naturally.  We work in partner with you to help you attain your best skin health and body.

We believe that your skin is a reflection of your health.

To attain your best skin you must create balance.

Welcome to natural beauty and a better you.


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Alkaline Body

Test your pH on a regular basis. Dis-ease can’t thrive in an alkaline body. So, if you’ve been experiencing an unbalanced toxic body that includes lethargy, odor and acne breakouts, test your pH.


Chances are your body is acidic which can be attributed to your diet, certain medications and emotional stress. What to do?


Try an alkaline diet for a week or two...perhaps longer depending on your level of imbalance and eliminate or reduce as much emotional stress as possible.


One way to do this is by being selective about the mental food you take in as well as  “detoxifying” your body/mind with meditation and  activities that bring you joy. 

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